Today we are living in an advanced where where everyone is connected with each other through various means of communications.Telephone or mobile phone is one of the most common ways of communication that helps us stay connected to each other.It also helps us to connect to the people living at the too much distant places.In simple words you may talk to the people living on the other corner of the world while sitting at its one corner with the help of telephone. While using mobile phones, you will have to ever go through the number “02045996818” and if you don’t know about the number then this article is going to be quite helpful for you in this case as here will delve deep into this number.

What is “02045996818”?

                   It is a short code used in United Kingdom for linking phone calls and phone numbers.At first glance, the numeric sequence “02045996818” looks like a phone number but actually it is not a phone number it is a code used for linking with the phone number by which you call number linked to the code by just dialing this code.

Origin of “02045996818”:

              When we look back towards the origin of the number “02045996818”, we will come to know that the number was notified by the telecommunication industry in about the 1960s and it gained popularity with the spread of mobile phones.It was primarily used for pager services.It was a short and convenient way to send small sms and messages to people.Today, the number is used for business and personal messaging.

Importance of “02045996818”:

               The numeric sequence “02045996818” appears like any phone number at first glance but it is not a phone number it has a geographical significance.When we divide the number into portions, we will come to know that the Friday portion of the number 020 represents the area code of London.The second portion 4599 represents a particular geographical area of London whereas 6818 are individual subscriber’s numbers.So if you receive in any call from the number, it may be a call from the landline located in London.

Uses of “02045996818”:

           Here are a number of benefits of using this code such as:

Use for calling multiple phone numbers:

        As the code is used for forwarding the calls and messages to the linked numbers, there is no need for remembering the phone numbers and it is also quite difficult to remember too many phone numbers.So, we may call all the linked phone numbers by just dialing the same code.

Use by Business owners:

             It is also one of the most used codes by the business owners as every business owner wants to have a unique and easy contact number by which they could be contacted to their customers and other business related personalities and employees.Because it is very easy to remember a short code instead of the phone number.

Use by doctors:

           Some doctors may also use this code for their clinic or hospital.So any patient could easily contact them with the help of this code.It makes it easy to connect with the doctor and you could have your appointments from home by using this code.


          From the above discussion we conclude that “02045996818” is not just a numeric sequence.It us an easy way of contacting with each other through messages.It is used as a short code for forwarding phone calls and messages to the other phone numbers linked to the code.If you receive any call from such numbers then it may represent a particular geographical landline number of London.If you’re curious to know about the number then this article could help you a lot in this case.

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