Apps Apps are the new craze and now play a key part in people’s everyday lives so developers making apps must be aware of the key points. There are millions of apps all of which are designed and developed to carry out very specific tasks and in some way aid the user. The huge rise in sales of smart phones has seen exponential growth and making apps to suit these devices has now become big business. The success of apps on smart phones has prompted developers to go even further and many companies now offer apps that are designed for desktop computers to search inventory and keep up to date with news and information. Developers making apps can now earn huge amounts of money if they manage to create an app that is a big hit on the several application stores, but there are several keys steps they must follow to create a hit.

The initial point for every developer when they first start making mobile apps is to have an idea and a preconceived concept of the app. Apps will eventually be sold in many different genre’s from games to travels and shopping to communication. In order for the developer to create a top selling app, they will need to spot a gap in the app market or and area where current apps are particularly weak. The top selling apps tend to be the ones that are the most simple to use such as apps that display news and information. The developer must constantly be thinking of the end user when making apps.

Another important detail that a developer needs to consider when making apps is the platform on which the app will be used. An app that can be released on all of the smart phone platforms as well as computers will have a much greater range of customers and therefore more exposure and more potential income. There will however be developers that are only able to design and develop apps for specific platforms and will therefore require hired help or a service when making apps that are compatible on other software.

When signing up as a developer to be able to start making apps it will normally require the member to purchase or download some specific software. For example, when creating an app that is designed for Apple products, a license for XCode is required and an Apple brand computer is required to run this on. This piece of software happens to be very expensive and so unless the developer is a full time professional at making apps it is often not viable to have. The Google android smart phone apps are much more open to developer and almost anyone can get the required software package and begin developing. Application providers such as Android market and Apple’s App Store will take around 30-40% of the fee taken from sales of the app. It is also common for large companies to create and app and distributes it free but these are generally retail stores or service providers that can increase sales through the provision of an app The actual development stage involved in making apps requires a great deal of programming. Therefore, new developers tend to be people that have worked within the computer programming industry in the past but now with guides and such that are available such as AppDevSecrets or others you will see on this site, making apps can be done by even the tech un-savvy people. Making the programming code streamlined helps to improve the response of the app and this will improve the usability of the app so some complex coding can be a great help. Improper coding can cause the app to run slow and clunky and may then receive bad reviews.

Knowledge needed for making apps Making apps more appealing to the general public requires the overall experience of the app to be user friendly and the easiest way to do this is to create a clear and concise Graphical User Interface (GUI). The extreme majority of apps that are developed will be used on smart phones and therefore will have a large touch screen. This gives developers a huge number of opportunities to create exciting interfaces when making apps. The trickiest part of making apps to be used on smart phone is linking the programming code to a certain point on the screen. It is vital to create an app where the buttons on the interface tie up perfectly with the position of the touch screen.

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