Does your doctor use Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) for medical records? If not, you may want to look into it. PCNOK is a secure and efficient solution for managing patient health records that provides access to a wide range of services, including electronic prescribing and appointment scheduling. In this blog post, we will discuss what exactly PCNOK is and how it can benefit both patients and healthcare providers. We’ll examine the advantages of using PCNOK over traditional paper-based record keeping, as well as the challenges that come with transitioning to an electronic system. Finally, we’ll look at some best practices for using PCNOK effectively.

What is Patient Care Network of Oklahoma?

PCNOK is a patient care network that provides access to quality, affordable health care for Oklahomans. the PCNOK was created by the Oklahoma Legislature in 2004 in response to the growing need for accessible, quality health care in the state. PCNOK is a public-private partnership between the state of Oklahoma and a group of private, nonprofit organizations.

The mission of PCNOK is to improve the health of Oklahomans by providing access to quality, affordable health care. PCNOK does this by working with a network of primary care providers, specialists, hospitals, and other health care providers to provide patients with the best possible care.

PCNOK is committed to providing access to quality health care for all Oklahomans. To that end, PCNOK offers a variety of programs and services designed to improve the health of our state’s residents.

Some of the programs and services offered by PCNOK include:

  • A statewide network of primary care providers
  • A statewide network of specialists
  • Hospital services
  • Mental health and substance abuse services
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Preventive services
  • Dental services
  • Vision services

What services does PCNOK provide?

At PCNOK, we provide a variety of services to our patients. We offer primary care, behavioral health, and dental services. We also have a robust case management program that can help connect our patients with the resources they need to live healthy lives. Our goal is to provide high-quality, affordable care to all of our patients.

How can PCNOK help me?

If you live in Oklahoma and are looking for a way to improve your health and get better access to care, then you should consider joining the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK). PCNOK is a statewide network of primary care providers that work together to provide high-quality, coordinated care to their patients.

Joining PCNOK gives you access to a team of primary care providers who can help you manage your health and get the care you need. PCNOK providers work together to coordinate your care, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the shuffle or dealing with multiple providers who don’t communicate with each other.

In addition, PCNOK provides its members with tools and resources to help them manage their health. For example, PCNOK offers an online portal where members can track their health progress, make appointments, and message their care team. PCNOK also offers educational resources on topics such as healthy eating and managing chronic conditions.

So if you live in Oklahoma and are looking for a way to improve your health and get better access to care, then join PCNOK today!

What are the benefits of being a part of PCNOK?

Being a part of PCNOK has many benefits. For one, PCNOK provides its members with access to a wide range of resources and support. This includes everything from educational materials and events to financial assistance and referrals to other care providers. Additionally, being a part of PCNOK gives patients a sense of community and belonging. They can connect with others who are going through similar experiences and share information, advice, and support. Finally, as a member of PCNOK, patients will have a direct impact on the direction of the organization and the services it offers. They can provide feedback, participate in surveys and focus groups, and even serve on the Board of Directors.

How do I join PCNOK?

To join PCNOK, simply fill out our online form. You will need to provide your name, contact information, and insurance information. Once we have this information, we will be able to match you with a primary care provider in your area.


Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) is an innovative new program that provides comprehensive healthcare services to underserved populations in Oklahoma. By utilizing a holistic approach to care, PCNOK seeks to improve the quality and accessibility of health care for all Oklahomans. Through its partnerships with providers, employers, and other entities throughout the state, PCNOK has become a leader in providing quality patient-centered care that is both effective and affordable. We hope this article provided you with information about what PCNOK is and why it’s an important part of improving health outcomes across the Sooner State.

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