Are you ready to enter the ultimate resting place for retired aircraft? Then buckle up, because we’re about to take a tour of uconn the boneyard. This fascinating facility is home to more than 70 decommissioned planes that have served in the U.S. military and beyond. From massive cargo transporters to nimble fighter jets, these aircrafts have been given a second life as instructional tools for students studying aviation and engineering. So come along with us as we explore this unique and intriguing corner of the University of Connecticut campus!

What is the Boneyard?

The Boneyard is the on-campus student-run newspaper at the University of Connecticut. The paper is entirely student-operated, from writing and editing articles to printing and distributing the final product. The Boneyard has been in publication since 1896, making it one of the oldest student-run publications in the country.

The paper covers a wide range of topics, from campus news and events to national and international news. In addition to news stories, the Boneyard also features opinion pieces, comics, and other forms of student expression. The paper is distributed for free throughout the UConn campus and surrounding areas.

Who uses the Boneyard?

The Boneyard is a popular on-campus spot for students to relax, study, and spend time with friends. It is also a popular destination for visitors to campus. The Boneyard is home to UConn’s famous Husky Dog statues, which are a popular photo spot for tourists and alumni.

What can you find in the Boneyard?

The Boneyard is the perfect place to find all sorts of bones and other creepy crawlies! From human skeletons to animal bones, you can find it all here. This is the perfect place for those who are interested in the macabre or simply want to learn more about anatomy.

How do I get to the Boneyard?

The Boneyard is located in the south-west corner of campus, behind the UConn Co-op. To get there, head west on Hillside Road from North Eagleville Road. Turn left onto Whitney Road and follow it until it dead-ends at the Boneyard. There is a parking lot located at the Boneyard, however it is often full during peak hours. If the lot is full, street parking is available on Whitney Road.


The uconn the boneyard is truly a sight to behold and something that all Huskies should experience. With over 100 bones from extinct species, there are plenty of fossils to discover, as well as opportunities for both education and entertainment. For those interested in the past and our planet’s history, make sure to stop by the Boneyard for an unforgettable trip through time!

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