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You can renew your Indian visa if it has not yet expired. However, it is essential to take extra care when filling in the renewal form.

For example, you need to provide your reference name. This article will help you understand what a reference name is and how to provide it & HOW TO RENEW INDIAN VISA.

What is a reference name?

WHAT IS REFERENCE NAME ON INDIAN VISA ? A reference name is the person who can vouch for you when you are visiting a foreign country. It is a mandatory field when filling in the Indian online visa application form. This information is used by the government to know whom the traveler will be connecting with when they are in India and to ensure their safety.

Different types of visas require a reference name depending on the purpose of the trip. For example, if you are traveling to India for medical purposes, you will need to provide a reference name in order to apply for a medical e-visa or a medical attendant e-visa. Similarly, if you are visiting India for business purposes, you will need to provide a business e-visa and supply a business contact in order to get the visa approved.

Generally, the reference name should be someone who knows you and lives in India and with whom you have exchanged correspondence or made bookings/reservations in advance. This can be your course teacher, faculty member, or any other person you have contacted in India.

Who needs to provide a reference name?

In order to renew an Indian visa, you need to submit a form, a copy of the existing visa and a passport photo. The photos must be clear and show your entire face. You should take extra care to fill in the online forms, as a wrong entry can delay the process or cause problems later on. If you are unsure about the information you have entered, it is best to save the application and review it later. You can also ask your friends and family to check the details of your application. In addition, it is important to know which types of Indian visas can be renewed and which cannot. This information will help you plan your travels accordingly. Moreover, you should always be prepared for the possibility that your visa may not be renewed and you might need to travel to another country.

Which travel purposes require a reference name?

Depending on the travel purpose, there are different types of Indian visas available. Some of these visas require a reference name in order to be issued. For example, if you are visiting India for medical purposes, you will need to apply for a medical e-visa or a medical attendant e-visa. Both of these visas require a reference name from someone in India.

A reference name is a person in India who knows you and can vouch for your presence there. This is an important requirement in Indian e-visa applications because it helps the immigration office track travelers and ensure that they are meeting all necessary requirements. A reference can be anyone, including a family member, friend, colleague, or acquaintance. However, they must know you well enough to vouch for your presence in India.

If you are traveling on a business e-visa, the reference name can be anyone you have communicated with or exchanged correspondence with in India. This could include a colleague, client, event organizer, or any other contact in India. The same is true for a tourism e-visa or a medical e-visa.

When it comes to renewing an Indian visa, the process is relatively straightforward. You can do it online, without the need to schedule an appointment or go to an embassy. However, it is a good idea to submit your application sixty days in advance of the date that your visa expires. This will give you time to renew it before your stay in India is up. In addition, you will need to have all of the correct documentation in place. For example, you will need to have a copy of your passport and a valid email address that is linked to your Indian visa registration with the Foreign Registration Office (FRRO). Also, you will need to have a photo that meets the size and quality requirements.

How to provide a reference name?

The question about the reference name on the Indian visa application form is a mandatory one and should not be left blank. The term ‘reference name’ refers to a person who can verify your trip to India, either during the visa processing stage or when you are traveling there. This could be your friend, colleague, or even a relative. The reference name must be someone who is living in the same country as you are.

You should also provide a contact number for your reference. This is so that the immigration office can get in touch with them if any problems or issues arise during your stay in the country. The number should be a local number and not an international number. Moreover, it should be easy to reach at any time of the day.

When filling out the application form, you will have to enter your personal details and some other information about yourself such as your date of birth, occupation, and address. You will also need to upload a clear photo of yourself that should be at least 35 x 45 cm. The photo should be taken against a light-colored or white background and should show your entire face. In addition, the photo should not be tilted or dull.

On the next page of the online application, you will need to answer a few questions related to your travel plans. You will need to specify the purpose of your visit, whether it is tourism or business, as well as provide a list of places you intend to visit during your stay in India. In case you are unsure of the answers, you can always consult an expert for assistance.

The final step of the application process is to submit all the required documents. Once you have submitted all the necessary information, your visa will be processed in approximately three to four working days. After this, you will receive a confirmation email with your visa details.

The Indian visa renewal process is much simpler than the application for a new one. However, you need to be sure that all of the requirements are met in order to have a successful renewal.