Are you tired of managing multiple login credentials for various websites and applications? Look no further than Identity Provider Manager! With this powerful tool, you can access all your FCA Group services with just one secure login. Say goodbye to forgotten passwords and hello to streamlined productivity – let’s dive into the benefits of using as your go-to identity provider.

What is Identity Provider Manager?

Identity Provider Manager (IPM) is a new tool in the Identity Management Suite, which lets administrators manage identities and passwords for their users. With IPM, administrators can create and manage identities, sign in users to websites and applications, revoke user access, and more.

IPM is designed to streamline the identity management process for FCAGroup customers. Administrators can use IPM to manage multiple identities across different websites and applications, as well as revoke access permissions when necessary. Additionally, IPM provides users with a single login experience across all of their devices.

To get started with IPM, administrators first need to download the software from the Identity Management Suite website. Once installed, they can start creating identities by clicking on the “Identity” tab on the left-hand side of the screen. From here, they can add new identities or select an existing identity from their Active Directory or LDAP directory.

Once an identity has been created, administrators can sign in users to websites and applications using this identity. To do this, they need to click on the “Sign In” button next to the identity’s name and enter the user’s credentials. After signing in a user, administrators can then grant them access to specific pages or applications by selecting them from the “Accessible Pages” list on the right-hand side of the screen.

IPM also provides features for managing passwords and revoking user access permissions. Administrators can click on the

How does Identity Provider Manager work?

Identity Provider Manager is an online tool that allows administrators to manage identity providers in a centralized location. Administrators can create, edit, and delete identities, as well as manage authentication settings and passwords. Additionally, Identity Provider Manager provides reports that show the number of active users and authenticated sessions for each identity provider.

What are the features of Identity Provider Manager?

Identity Provider Manager is an application that manages identity providers and policy files. It provides users with a centralized location where they can manage their identities, policies, and applications. The Identity Provider Manager also allows users to view and manage their identities in a single location.

What are the benefits of using Identity Provider Manager?

Identity Provider Manager is a software application that helps you manage identities and authentication processes. This application enables you to access the website, which is an online resource for healthcare professionals and consumers. When you use Identity Provider Manager, you can:

  • Access the website and other online resources with your credentials from one location;
  • Manage your identities and authentication processes through a single, centralized application;
  • Easily create and configure accounts for yourself or others;
  • Monitor your identities and authentication performance; and
  • Troubleshoot authentication issues.


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